Monday, May 2, 2011

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Most of my blogs have been so far is desserts.. only because to me that is the only interesting thing I cook unless it is for company and there is no way I have time to snap pictures while making something. And I find it the least bit inspiring to show anyone how to cook beans.. sort, wash three times, parboil, let soak over night, bring to a boil add water..add water… almost burn.. add more water.. only three are still crunchy… they’re done.

That’s how you cook beans.

Until this week..

I felt the need to cook again.. only not with desserts or snacks.. but food and on the menu we have chimichanga’s and tikki marsala. Both very inexpensive meals that go along way and give you the taste of something besides beans.

Another confession I have to make is there is a huge difference from when I cook savory things then when I bake a cake. I am a Nazi when it comes to measuring and not leaving out key ingredients for sweets but a complete slob when it comes to the savory…. NOT because I don’t care to cook food but more then I like to add more flavors then the recipe might call for.

That and it is usually the end of the day and everyone has chewed on my last nerve and what ever I make they better be happy before I waddle off into the sunset never to return ……..complain complain complain.

So today we had Chimichanga’s
With black beans, Cilantro rice and fresh salsasortastuff.

I have here is several cans of black beans that I have added salt, cumin, garlic powder and onion powder.. set it aside for later..

Rice that I have rinsed and added salt, butter, garlic cloves and fresh cilantro. Cover and set aside.

If your going to do this Vegetarian style I would suggest adding more cheese or some chopped up Tofu that you seasoned with cumin and garlic. But here we have what was in the fridge. Minced garlic ( I used a whole head) dried minced onion, dried cilantro, cumin ( salt was busy with the rice at this time so she missed the photo shoot) flour tortilla’s, baked chicken breasts, cream che…..

This is why I don’t blog in the evening time I tend to ramble …. That white chunky stuff is cheese in all sorts and forms.. expect for that sour cream..

Take your sour cream, cream cheese and spices, dump into mixing bowl.

Beat well..

Add your cheese… here I have a mixture and part of it is shredded and the rest is cubed.. one  I do like the cubed cheese because it tends to leave a little pocket of melted cheese in your Chimi.. and since I didn’t have very much of that left I added some shredded chedder.

Mix well…

Cut up your chicken into cubed..  if you have a stand mixture then your going to cut a lot of prep time.. since the beaters will shred that chicken up for you.. and if you like to have chunks of chicken then just mix in but since I only used three chicken breasts I like to shred it to make it go farther.

Now lets assemble the Chimichanga’s… ( I am beginning to hate that word) Also turn on your rice and beans so they will be done by the time everything else is.

Lay out tortilla…

Blob some of your mixture in middle of said tortilla

Fold up the bottom of the tortilla like so to make the blob more log like..

Like so…

Fold in one side

Then the other… try not to drop kick the kid that went flying through the kitchen as you are taking a picture… while folding the tortilla

Fold up the bottom… 

As you fold up the bottom continue with the motion and fold the top.. with your seam side down.

Continue with the rest of the batch… 2314743 later you will then begin to fry them

Before you start the frying lets assemble the salsa…
Avocado’s,  tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and salt..

Chop and add all ingredients to large bowl mix well and let sit. 

Seam side down we add our chimi’s to hot oil.. if your cooking with cast iron remember to turn down your heat once it gets hot enough.. other wise your food will come out as charred lumps.

Flip over…

Drain and serve!




8 oz cream cheese
1/3 cup sour cream
1 teaspoon each of the following
Dried onion
Dried cilantro
Whole head of garlic minced

1 cup of cheese.. cubed  your choice
1 ½ cup of cubed chicken breast
20 flour tortilla’s
Oil for frying
Cream together your cream cheese to you garlic add cubed chicken, mix well. add cheese
Warm up tortilla's, place three tablespoons of filling in middle of tortilla fold up sides then bottom ending with top.. lay on seam side down. repeat till all filling is used.
Heat oil add chimi's one at a time seam side down for three to four mins. flip over for two to three mins untill golden brown. drain, serve hot.


Jessica said...

CHIMIS!! its whats for supper tonight! Looks positively delicious!!

Rock Kitaro said...

Wow!!! Thanks for this. I always wondered how they make those!!!

Suzanne said...

I use to make those for my boys while they were growing up. Their friends even asked for them when they came to visit. One of the friends even told his mother that she needed to cook like Michael's mom (Me!) I made them with some different ingredients, larger and sealed each with a toothpick. They all knew to not eat the toothpick or they wouldn't taste as good.
It is nice to wake up and read your blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm I'm glad at least we are having Mexican tonight! Though not these....I don't get to make many fried foods like these anymore since I've moved to the "more healthy" country :( But i'll have to give them a go sometime for hubby and me at least!

Hannah C

Anonymous said...

Mountain Mama

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