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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Fare thee well cool sweater days.. Hello swollen cankles

I knew it wasn’t going to last but I was  really hoping.

May was a uneventful month filled with revelations of myself.

I’ve learned that I am a miserable person to live with..

You can’t leave a kid, a hammer, and a pile of wood together and not expect something to emerge with at least a half a yard of your good cloth on it.

A computer brings out the worse in you when it crashes..

A depressed mood is not when you blog or write things down…You’ll end up feeling worse than before you started and then everyone suffers.

I gave up one of my kids to teenagerhood ( I know not a real word) and more and more I am thankful that I managed to grow up with all my limbs intact.. one down three to go..

Parenthood is not a choice…  You don’t get to continue your dreams of being a famous writer or a professional banker.. you choose whether the car gets tires of your kid gets shoes.. YOUR dreams and inspirations are put on hold till your little ones are off on their own. You don’t choose sleepless nights or saggy skin.. as those are just little extra gifts you get for birthing midgets.

Dust is just an extra surface  for the kids to practice their artistic abilities… also windows, fish tanks, walls, wash machine…..

Indigestion is just a side effect of all the migraine pills I’ve been taking because the kids have been sick or fighting or bills to worry about. It’s so bad now I just think of taking them and WALLA!! Instant heartburn.

Grass has to be mowed.. of all things!

It never ends well when you jump to conclusions.. and I am amazed how some people think that their conclusions are the truth.. and you as a person can sit there, open your heart up and tell them the truth and all that comes of it is that your making excuses.

I hope that June brings cool weather and more smiles....


Anonymous said...

I have always been amazed that there are any humans in this world...kids push the limits so much it is incredible that enough grow up to have kids of their own.
mountain mama

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