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Sunday, May 8, 2011

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When I was growing up I swore I wasn’t going to be like her…

She was bossy.. she was always working.. we couldn’t just drop our toys, clothes and uneaten food where ever we were..

She expected me to do my part in the family,

I had to fold those stupid rags if I wanted to go play..

What a mean mother..

I wasn’t going to make chore lists or make my kids brush their hair.. I wasn’t going to expect them to eat everything on their plates.. and when it came time to cleaning my room I would never yell like she did..

When I home schooled my kids I wouldn’t even give them math and expect them to do it. And if they hid it and ran off to go play I wasn’t going to yell at them..

I was going to give them all the candy they wanted..

Brush teeth? Who in the world brushes their teeth?

I was going to be understanding to my teenager..

Why did she have to yell at me when it took me 15 mins to even put shoes on?

 And when my kids didn’t do their chores the right way and the manure piled up so the horses couldn’t stand up straight I wasn’t going to yell and scream at them… not I said the brown cow.

What was so wrong with that outfit? I would let my daughter look like  a big flowery cloud.

Talk back? Oh of course I let my kids do that.. how unreasonable for her to expect me to listen to her..

She just didn’t understand what it was like to be a teen..

I wasn’t going to parent like my Mama did. I was going to do it PERFECT.

Then I became an adult and realized that my Mama DID know what she was doing..
The chickens really came home to roost when I started having kids..

Mama wasn’t so bad after all.. in fact Mama was right.. and to my surprise my skin didn’t fall off when I admitted it to myself..

I really regret not calling my own parents sooner and telling them how sorry I was for all the horrible things I did as a child and teenager..

And telling my Mama sooner that she did an awesome job raising me and how much I love her for all that she did for me.

I made it past my teenage years with out her strangling me.. That must have been really really hard.

And then I grew up to be just like my Mama…

I just haven’t started pointing yet..


Suzanne said...

I am assuming the picture is of your mother. How nice of you to post it. It is great that you have learned from her. From reading your blog it appears as though you have learned much. Keep blogging..

Anonymous said...

You know, I had such high ideals myself...what I would do with my kids, how to talk to them and on and on. But contrary to popular beliefs, slave-driving is HARDER on the slave master than the slave. At the end (or middle) of a day all good resolutions break down and the monster emerges. Sometimes I am amazed that you girls can still love me.
I have absolutely NO PROBLEM loving YOU! X O X O

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