Revised Chimichangas

Saturday, June 9, 2012

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I've learned a lot about chimichanga’s since I first blogged about them and I thought I should share…

First I need to show an easier way to make them…  before I had everything in a mixing bowl including cheese… one day I really wanted to make them but had no mozzarella cheese and I figured why not leave it out?? Since there is enough fat in the sour cream and cream cheese I figured I could skip it… I was feeling extra lazy that day and completely skipped putting it all in the mixer and just mixed in my pan I was cooking the onions and peppers in..

So here is the revised chimichanga recipe… or is it new and improved??  Or different look same great taste?? Chimichanga’s for the lazy ? what ever you want to call it here it is….

Slice up your garlic, onions and peppers..

Sauté until your liking.. I like a little bit of crunch to my vegys and for them to be brown… so don’t over crowd your pan or turn it on low thinking you will keep them from burning… if you are diligent about cooking and stand over the pan like a helicopter Mama then you won’t burn… turning your pan on low will only cause them to turn into mush…

Salt and cumin

Add your cream cheese… NOW turn your pan to low… and keep stirring until completely melted..

Turn off pan and add sour cream…  mix well. If you are a carnivore at this point add your diced cooked chicken or steak

Another thing I learned… ( the hard way ) was your burritos need to be soft and since I refuse to have a microwave in my house I heat a huge pile up like so…

Stacked on a griddle on…. High heat…. And a little oil in your pan.. My sister doesn’t use oil but I like to… either way is fine

Heat 30 seconds and flip over…

Like your cutting cards… ( why should I know such a horrid thing) flip over half of the burritos and continue until all are warm…

Heating each side 30 seconds at the most..

Lay out one…

Spoon some filling

Fold over

Tuck the bottom part of the burrito inside the top like so… I know the other side is hanging out..

Fold over… see how tight these are??? It keeps them from opening up so much as you fry them

I like to crowd the pan so they have less room to expand, turning constantly

Drain on paper towels

You can make these a day ahead.. just lay out in a pan and bake at 400f  for 20 minutes… they will brown more in the oven so make sure you don’t brown them too much when you fry them.. 
I usually make a huge batch and put a few in DH lunch for the next few days… I have yet to freeze them so I have no clue what they would be like after…
There is no recipe… I am too lazy for that… just add what you have in the kitchen… and most of all have fun and enjoy making a meal that would have cost you tons at a restaurant.


kathy said...

I knew I shouldn't look at this while I was hungry.......or even when I wasn't hungry, you would MAKE me hungry!

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