Raviolis... a Pigs Dream Dinner

Saturday, June 2, 2012

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I have a ravioli pig….
When I buy them premade  he will eat almost a whole bag… ( it is everything he loves… cheese and pasta in one neat little package) and since they are almost if not over 3 dollars a bag I don’t buy them as much as I want…
When I get some extra burning money I will by This , since rolling out four at a time is too time consuming and I won’t make this as often as Mr. Pig would like.
So this is something else you can do with the pasta dough I posted about earlier this week.

First lets make the filling… with ricotta cheese, salt and eggs. The last time I made the filling I had to drain it for a while before even thinking about adding the eggs.

So drain the cheese…drain?
This is so drained I worry it might not be worth my eggs or pasta dough. Lets carry on…

Add eggs and salt
Mix well and set in fridge until ready to use… This is just what I use for my filling…I never measure I just dump and taste…so feel free to use your own recipe for filling

After your pasta dough has rested for about 30 minutes or longer dust your counter with flour and slice off some of the dough… I like to keep a cup of flour handy for a quick dusting .

Set your roller to the widest setting and roll out dough… continue with each setting with your pasta roller. Dust with flour when it starts to feel sticky.

Lay out two sheets on a flour dusted counter like so… don’t dust the top because we want the sheets to stick together.

Here are my ravioli presses… the one on the left my sister found for me that works the best… the one on the right I coughed up too much money for it..

Put about a heaping tablespoon on one sheet like so…

Then fill up the rest of the sheet

Lay top sheet down

Press down around filling

Ravioli press…

In large pot filled with boiling salted water cook raviolis for about 3 to 4  minutes… at this point since there is no pictures, just imagine.

Serve with some homemade sauce of your choice… don’t ruin them with a store bought sauce!


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