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Saturday, May 19, 2012

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In my earlier blog this morning I mentioned I was nominated for the


This award is given to bloggers with 200 or less followers… it kinda helps us little guys who don’t have ranch hands to feed and lodges to decorate…
So once us little peons are nominated we must spread the word and do the same for five other up and coming blogs…

So the Liebster blog award nominations go tooo…..

I love how Jessica is so calm about her adventures on the farm… I admire her tenacity and her super human energy to do all her projects while homeschooling half a dozen kids… It’s one thing to be able to do all of that but she shares it with all of us! When I grow up I want to be like her.

This is another blog chocked full of adventures and information… Rachael is another super woman who never seems to stop with her creativeness.

I started reading this blog about three years ago… usually when I am feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in a pity party I read her posts  and just can’t stop crying… Her daughter had Mitochondrial Disease. And her blog is so honest and truthful… I love to read how people really feel… not what everyone around wants to hear..


Not for the faint of heart… not for the medically minded.. not for anyone who has no back bone.. Kelly is another honest  blogger that I really enjoy reading… I found her through a homebirthing group over 5 years ago.. and she has a vast array of knowledge that no medical degree could ever give you..

That One Girl:

Because I have the power to nominate!! 

 Blogger is giving me the fits today.... no matter how hard I try half of my text is different size, colour... the kids are tired of me screaming at the computer so I will stop while I still have my post.


Hannah Barnhorn said...

Blogger is also deciding how it wants my page to look - even when I tell it differently.

HaggyHouseWife said...

Isn't that fun Hannah?? You would think for something free for us to use would work better... hmmmffftt... I try and just caulk it up to building patience...

That One Girl said...

Ooh!! I just got this!! Thank you so much for the nomination! :-)

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