Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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I wanted to inform who ever reads this blog that I finally went through and caught up on getting my recipes printable.. found that Blogger was having some lunch on some.. directions were missing.. one didn't even have the recipe.. so after spending two and half hours I got it workable.. with another two hours I could have it perfect..
With spending all that time I have come to even more of a conclusion that PW doesn't even clean, homeschool, garden, take pictures or give cooking lessons... all she does is blog.. and hires out the work.. there is no way could I ever run that websight and do all that she does..


I am sure I will get some flack from PW fans... If you feel the need to do that then come down to my house.. clean it... cook dinner.. teach the kids and blog all about it while wearing heels.. then let me know much you think she is the best...


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