Summer is almost over.. YES!!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

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Ahhh Summer Time... means cooking in sweltering heat, Grass that grows to your knees over night, stinky arm pits as soon as you step out of the shower.. and flies..

Lots and lots of flies nights and it is okay to make fattening foods because of the weather.

But Fall also means School...

A joy for most mothers because then the kids are out of the house..
The rest of us gluten's for punishment are then trying to get into the mind set of  gathering school books and finding all the pencils scattered across the house. Setting aside time each day to do something... Glad that you finally found that lost book from the library so you can get more out now..

 To lose.

We're on our own this year... Armed with two math books and several history I am excited.. The Warden retired this year so I could have went back to the charter school but after sitting down and figuring out the gas money to deliver the portfolio's and the stress of going by their time slots I figured I could easily spend that money and time by getting on EBay to get books I want.

But first we have to finish Summer.. it almost feels like a chore.. Can up the peppers and tomatoes that are over flowing from the garden, weed out all the junk from the house that I don't want to take with us when we move ( When is the big question here) hit some yards sales to get more junk to move. And just over all try and enjoy the mornings before I have to fight with everyone to start their schoolwork.

This summer seemed to fly by.. I still think it is June.. I feel like I haven't done anything that I wanted too.. But I always seem to have these grandiose plans in the spring that never seem to fall into place because life just seems to get in the way. This year the kids seemed to be doing to be doing something every week.. kinda a  shock to me in one way because it made me realize how grown up they are becoming.. age wise... not necessarily mature wise..

But they take after their mother in that way..

My fight to keep my girls in line was reinforced each time I logged into Facebook.. I keep getting shocked when I see girls dressed worldly with their hair sheared short.. The line between being a parent and friend has been blurred somewhere and they are allowed to act like so... I must be "old school" because you will never have that or act like that in my house... You will dress like a lady and you will ACT like one as long as you live under my roof. I don't care if these clothes are out of fashion... Fashion doesn't make you a lady.. I once heard how someone was commented on their fashion.. and that they "got" the latest fashion sense.. I would rather show my girls the latest cooking sense or a better way to treat their husbands....

But that is another tangent for later. With girls it is a constant struggle to keep them modestly dressed.. and for as long as I live that I will do.

I used to like ants.. I never had a problem with Gypsy mothes when ants were in the house... that's until they started swarming.. I wont go into detail of how they covered the floor till they looked like a black moving rug traveling through my laundry room to the bathroom... of how the sight of them now causes me to start flailing my bear hands around to get rid of them.. no I will just say that now my laundry room smells like Cinnamon.

Your welcome Jessica....

Summer is on it's way out.. soon I will be complaining of the windchill and the kids being trapped in the house..

But then at least when I cook I wont be dripping sweat in the food.


eternity said...

hehe the Warden! I had to deal with her in my last year, so I understand how hard it is!

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