Monday, April 18, 2011

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I haven't been in the mood to blog lately.. I tried earlier today and it ended up sounding like I was going to shoot you if you even so looked at a fast food joint... so I gave up.. I saved it among all my other aggressive blogs that hopefully one day I will find the time and energy to edit them and make them more suitable for company..

 I think I know the source of my foul mood...

Tomorrow is my birthday.. and I really wished that this year is the year everyone forgot about it.. but for some reason they didn't... it doesn't help that the kids are counting down the days  and ask me every morning.. " What do you want for your birthday Mama?"

Your rooms cleaned...

Yeah right! I never get what I want...

What I really want.... lets see.. well to be happy for one.. I am working on that.. but I end up losing that battle by evening time..
To be more organized... to wake up every morning with a clean kitchen and the laundry pile to not be spilling out into the kitchen. to not have attitudes when it comes to sitting down and doing school to have dinner waiting on the stove when DH comes home.
To never raise my voice again.. unless it is to sing.
To never be made to feel guilty for something I can not do no matter how many times you ask or dirty looks thrown my way.
To never be in the middle of a gossip train... and that if I hear something about someone that I would never ever repeat it.
To never be the object of someones wrath..
To always smile and have the right words for ppl in need.
To never fail again as a parent..

I don't think the kids could even come close to finding that stuff at walmart.

That is a good thing.. it would be made in China and who wants self esteem from China?

It doesn't help that the battle of the messy house is not even.. Me/3  House/22 I have company coming this weekend.. the corners are filled to the brim there is a inch of dust on everything.. the cobwebs hanging from the living room ceiling are getting so big that the kids will be able to swing on them soon.. and the cabinets keep getting shoved with more stuff I don't have room for or want/need... and we won't even go into the yard and the horrid mess that is out there..
Shall we talk about the carpets? I am pretty sure that if I didn't have food for lunch the kids could get a well balanced one off the living room and dinning room carpets.. the really really sad part is that I have a carpet cleaner.. it is in the dinning room because I can't seem to muster up the energy to put it somewhere..

There is no hope..

And I am getting even OLDER tomorrow.

Lets gripe about that some more.. Older isn't the right word.. I don't mind being old.. I think with age you get wisdom.. ( well some of us do at least ) and I want that.. I want to be wise and have the knowledge to know what to do. I still think of myself as a 18 idiot so 33 is kinda hard to grasp.. I just got used to being 32 and the stupid change of the calendar messed that up for me. I don't care about wrinkles, grey hair or saggy skin.. I don't have wrinkles.. ( on my face) haven't seen a grey hair ( probably wont since both my parents didn't gray until their 50's) and saggy skin? well.. I would probably see allot more of that if I lost a few small adults off my rear end and front.. but for now it is all nice cushy fat.

I lost my point..

Oh well.. I can sum it up by saying that I am getting older tomorrow... still fat.. company is coming and my house is a mess..

Who wants to adopt some kids for a week while I have myself a pity party?

Or I could just buckle down and  drink lots and lots of coffee and clean like a mad woman from now until Friday.. and when company finally gets here sit on the couch and relax...
Look up and realize I forgot the cobwebs.

I want to try this on someone to see if it really works...

Who's game?


Suzanne said...

I am not game but as you mention it- I just remembered how I use to hide in the car trunk as my girlfriend drove my car into the drive in movies. I would pop out of the trunk and I was able to get in free. I was never caught! It was a bit scary riding in the trunk with a friend or two and listening to the teller and waiting until the right time to pop out. I always wondered if the trunk would never open but it always did. So, here I am today and I am going to be 60 years old in about 2 months. I wish I was going to be 33 years old like you because 60 is 60 years and I have seen too much happen in these many years. I try to dwell on the blessings...Happy Birthday, HH

Jessica said...

Sarah, I love you.

rbts6pk said...

Happy Birthday Sarah. I hope it is a good one. And, I too have a carpet cleaner sitting in the dining room waiting to be used. It seems that I work from the minute that I get up until the second I go to bed and I still can't seem to get anything done. The things I have planned to do in a day seem to never jive with the things that my family feels should be done...therefore I never get to my list.
Thirty-three seems very young. I loved my thirties...out of the twenties when you are still trying to establish yourself and before the forties when everything starts to fall apart. Enjoy the thirties...they are the best.

Anonymous said...

I,too,love you Sarah! What would I do without you to make me laugh, and get things back in perspective again.
Mountain Mama

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