Citrus Pudding Cake

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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A whole paragraph on why I haven’t been blogging…
Various excuses on time management and lack of batteries for camera….
A halfhearted promise to blog more…

Now… on to the recipe..

Lemons… I’m on the lemon kick again… could be something to do with scurvy paranoia that I convinced myself of…
Not that consuming sugar and flour will help… but hey! The wind is blowing in from the east… let’s eat some!

I have several baking pans I go to all the time… large oversized pans this way I can use one pan instead of two… feeding teenagers and a husband requires a lot of food… and I tend to be on the sloth side of living and the less I have to wash the easier life is…
So when my 9x9 baking dish bit the dust several years back I never bothered to replace it… I usually double the recipe anyways so why waste the money??
Until it comes time to make something in a small dish… then I am on a mad hunt trying to find a “small dish”

Ehhh this is close enough…

Making sure every corner is covered.. slather that pan with butter..

Set aside and start zesting your lemons…

Measure out your sugar…  if you’re using a tart citrus… use more.. sweet, use less…


Sugar and lemon zest

Cream together until fluffy…

Separate your eggs… making sure you break a yolk so you can’t take a pretty picture

Whites in a mixing bowl to be whipped up later

Add your yolks to the butter sugar mixture…

Mix well

Add cream, flour and lemon juice


Now beat those egg whites till stiff… add to batter.

Mix lightly… we don’t want to mix too much … just enough to incorporate the whites into the batter

Pour into well buttered dish

Place dish into a larger baking dish with at least 3” sides… fill with water at least ½ way up the sides…. Careful not to let any water into batter…


Try and take a picture… but since you’ve been smelling this for the past hour, the thought of actually being poetic with your setup is unrealistic.. just sit down and savor each bite of this luscious cake….
Really… there isn’t a picture that could do this cake justice… it is smooth and creamy at the same time cakey and… well… just go make it..
Don’t complain to me that you ate the whole pan… 


Citrus pudding cake
5 tablespoons butter, softened *note: 1 tablespoon shall be reserved for greasing the dish*
1-1.5 cup sugar (if your citrus is very sweet, use less sugar)
1-2 tablespoon lemon zest (however you can swap for any citrus - lime, grapefruit, orange, blood orange)
3 large eggs, separated
5 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 cup half and half
6 tablespoons lemon juice (swap for any citrus)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and grease 9"X9" oven safe dish. Set aside.
In a large bowl (or bowl of electric mixer), using hand mixer, beat butter, sugar and lemon zest until pale and fluffy. Beat in egg yolks one at a time until incorporated.
Add the flour and half and half alternatively until incorporated, then add the lemon juice until you have a smooth and silky batter.
In a separate bowl, using hand mixer beat egg whites until fluffy and glossy white, but stiff.
Fold the lemon batter and egg whites together until just combined and pour into baking dish.
Place your baking dish into a larger pan that is at least 1/2 the height of your dessert's dish and fill with hot (not boiling) water until it reaches 1/2 the way up your lemon dessert's dish bake for 50 minutes, or until top of dessert is golden brown and cracking. The dessert will still seem giggly, but this is ok as there is a sinful layer of curd at the bottom that will make you swoon. The longer you cook it, the “cakeier” it will become.


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