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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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I haven't had time to blog ... neither do I want to make time..

I have been casting pearls before swine lately and it hasn’t done nothing for me but cause a extreme case of bad mood and fatigue that I can’t seem to cure…

The side affects of that, is no energy to carry on a conversation with anyone with out them walking away wondering what they did wrong..

So I tried to become a hermit.

But jerks keep pulling me out into the world subjecting themselves to my attitude..

All jokes aside I really don’t feel the need to blog lately… side from personal issues that only time will heal for me I have been dealing with the worry of having to move… where can you rent where you can keep a horse and two dogs?? Let alone the 15 kids and ten fish.

I have also been trying to make two teenagers happy…

I keep asking for the manual on how to raise them and no one will give it to me.. so I am left with a permanent headache…

Coffee no longer is a treat but a necessity to function throughout the day..

Don’t bother giving me all the side affects that come along with drinking so much… I am really not in the mood to hear the latest diet change or  health concern everyone is following.. it will all change in 6 months and I have no energy to listen to why I shouldn’t eat this or drink that…

Hopefully soon everything will go back to normal and I can complain about the heat… until then I need to take a hiatus and heal mentally and try to be strong for my kids.. 


Jessica said...

Jerk Jerk jerk you back into blogging! you can't quit on me?!

Just take a deep breath, get a cup of joe and tell us all about your new dog! Never mind facebook!

Anonymous said...

yeah, we are waiting for the next mouthwatering receipe, or tips on how to make the company disappear before they notice the latest mess the kids or puppy made whilst your back was turned.
mountain mama

Anonymous said...

stilllllll waittinggggg!!!!!!

mountain mama

Anonymous said...

TICK.TOCK.TICK.TOCK.TICK.TOCK.TICK.TOCK.....Your time is almost up, Haggy....we want food and commentary. now. now. now.

This is your third notice.

HaggyHouseWife said...

Prepare to be WOWed!!! Hold onto your seats!!!
Actually I got tired of you nagging..

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