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Friday, July 15, 2011

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When I was younger I read a book about a boy who yawned with out covering his mouth and swallowed a fly.. he kept swallowing people and things in order to get rid of the fly he had swallowed… he swelled up to the size of a house… the moral of the story was if he just covered his mouth he wouldn’t have a fly in his belly… I thought of that story this morning when I woke up.. I must have left open the fly door because there is about 50 million flies in my house today..  as I walk through my kitchen I remind my self not to have my mouth hanging open.. once I find my flyswatter that was used for a weapon yesterday by Gabriel I should have some fun..  That and fly tape.. I thought for a second ( or two) that I could open the fly tape and just swing it around my head like a lasso and get several hundred that way…  then I remembered the time as a young child of getting one of those wrapped in my hair..  I still shudder thinking how I had sticky strands of hair with dead flies stuck in it… and a fly tape with several stands of my hair stuck to it.  I am sure when Mama went to brush my hair after that there was a conversation of WHAT? How in the WORLD did you do THIS??

There was a lot of those conversations growing up..
Being the youngest and with no one to play with I had a lot of time escaping chores to play.. And fly tape is pretty inviting until you get all tangled up in it.
That and Choke chains..  My ears still hurting thinking of Mama trying to get the collar off my neck..
After she calmed herself down from laughing.
I haven’t been in the mood to blog lately.. everything that I was inspired to blog about wasn’t Kosher nor what people would want to read..   Was sick for several weeks.. then the reason why I was sick was confirmed by a pregnancy test…  which God had different plans for the Baby and I lost it.. well I didn’t lose it I know where it is now.. just not with me. And who wants to read about depressing miscarriage stories?
One of the ways I deal with grief and loss is to cook..  to deal with anger I clean, to deal with depression I sit on my butt..
Something about cooking helps.. since I am such a control freak and when things get out of hand and I am unable to “control” them I turn to the one thing I can control.. bread, cookies, cakes, and dinner. I can make the cookies bake and turn out  how I want them.. If I could figure out how to put life on the stove I am pretty sure I could then control it.  
I haven’t been blogging about food because I lost custody of the camera..  I plan on nagging about it later today so I can get it back and then start taking pictures again of me burning something.
I should probably get angry about something today ( not hard since I am my Papa’s daughter) and get this house cleaned.. 


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Oh brother do they have to make a scene about removing comments???
SOOOOOOOO glad your back! I love reading your blog!

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