Monday, March 21, 2011

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I look at my two daughters and I see so much of my OLDer sister and I in them.. Layla the obnoxious screeching blabber mouth ( me ) Zoe the Wise old owl always doing something productive and responsible..(Jessica)
Who can I count on to help clean up the right way? Zoe..
Who is always out playing in the yard or shirking her duties? Layla..  
To many times do I see Zoe sitting in the corner somewhere with her nose in a book or doing something creative, sewing, knitting, or drawing. Layla is either tying up the sheets together so she can swing off the back roof or making a ramp to shove Gabriel off of.

Growing up Jessica was always the artistic one.. sewing her own clothes, weaving.. spinning.. tatting..  I never minded until we went to some crap show and everyone was oooing and ahhhing over Jessica’s art and then they would turn to me and go.. “ oh! What do YOU do?”  I would just stare at them blankly  and say something along the lines that I was working on perfecting the art of burping the ABC’s…. or show them the Owls I made out of pinecones ( to this day I can never look at wood glue pinecones and paint together without hyperventilating  )
 My point ( and I am becoming my Mama here making a short story long) is I can’t show Zoe how to sew.. I pass by the sewing machine and I start getting cold sweats.. but this little girl taught herself still.. creating a masterpiece.. yeah.. um well.. read on..

 I’ve probably read too many Dean Koonz  about creepy little things but I couldn’t help but get this image in my head when I first laid eyes on this doll…
It’s big unblinking eyes ( it would be even worse if they did blink but man, they look like they could see in the dark or something )

 the sadistic mouth.. those beads look like teeth.. I could just see that thing gnawing through walls....

it’s little legs.. all that went through my mind the first time I seen it was.. this thing better not come alive and start walking across the floor.. jerky little movements as it goes for my fleshy cankles ..
Now mind you.. if I made a doll it wouldn’t look near as good as this.. and don’t take this the wrong way.. I love Zoe.. and I love all her creations.. but this one?

At least it is to short to reach the bed.


Jessica said...

A girl after my own heart! Run!!

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